We build on Open Data

The primary datasource for the academic and bibliographic information in Global Campus is OpenAlex. OpenAlex is the continuation of Microsoft Academic Graph, and currently contains over 250 million academic works with around 40.000 added every day.


OpenAlex is Linked Data - which means a lot of effort is put into not only gathering the data, but also establishing links between the various datapoints. For example: Academic publications are attached to authors, and those authors are attached to institutions. This allows us to create features like Network Analysis, enabling investigation of existing collaborations.


GlobalCampus is a premium user of OpenAlex, and thereby contributes to the sustainability of the open infrastructure of the data.

Bring your own data

For specific clients, we also enable querying internal datasources. Some universities might have a list of focus area descriptions with which they want to match their researchers, or consultancy firms might have descriptive datasets of companies they want to connect to research or funding opportunities. You can learn more about a specific application of such a dataset through our collaboration with Idox.