Finding Reviewers

One of the key challenges in publishing is the research integrity. Society should be able to trust the academic work that they are reading. There are many checks and balances in academic publishing and one of them is making use of high quality peer reviewers in the process. But...where and how to find them?

Did you know that it's not uncommon for editors to invite 10 researchers in order to find one reviewer? And were you aware that quite often, researchers are invited for topics they are not an expert in? What if we told you Global Campus delivers an increase of up to 20% in response from potential reviewers. This speeds up the review finding process a lot!

With the powerfull semantic search algorithms of Global Campus, we match the best researchers with your manuscripts. This can be done both in our webapp and/or integrated in your own submission system using our API!

We are very pleased with Global Campus usage and it has saved us a tremendous amount of time. Practical and effective!

Marina Dusevic - IntechOpen

Finding potential authors

It's not just reviewers you can find when using Global Campus. The platform is also a perfect help in selecting potential authors for your next issue or book.

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