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On campuses around the globe, bright minds work together for universities, startups and research institutions.

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Find academic experts

Use powerful Artificial Intelligence to find experts.

  • Understanding-driven queries to identify the best fit.
  • Matches are based on relevance of content - not on spurious bibliometric factors
  • Use affiliation data for Conflict of Interest checks and specific filtering

You can take control of the algorithm by teaching it what you are looking for. This way, you as a user are in control of the search, and the AI is merely making suggestions.


Explore Literature

Are you exploring a new field, or simply making sure you haven't missed important research? What if your peers are using different terminology from yours?

With Global Campus, you can employ Semantic Search to discover related articles in your field based on their content. Irrespective of citations, journals or keywords - we use the content of the articles to identify relevant papers for your field.

  • Discover a new field using natural language
  • Identify new keywords to bring to other search applications.
  • Use Active Learning to navigate interactively and zoom in on the literature you like

Scout candidates

Some job positions require very specific expertise and skills. And while researchers know their field well, most disciplines are so large that excellent candidates also exist outside of established networks. How do you find them?

With Global Campus, recruiters and vacancy holders can identify international expertise:

  • Find people like professor John Doe: search using the name of an academic to find academics with a similar publication record.
  • Filter on the basis of seniority and by looking at author position.
  • Easily explore profiles on other social networks.
  • Export your list to share it easily with colleagues.

Identify Journals

Where to submit this new manuscript? As a researcher, you are likely familiar with the top tier journals in your field. But what if you are publishing a paper in a tangential discipline? Or if the paper has been rejected by critical peer reviewers of these top journals?

With Global Campus, you can use Semantic Search to find the journals that have published similar work in the past.

  • Find journals on the basis of matching content instead of bibliometric factors
  • Get a list of matching papers to include in your submission
  • Filter by type to find conferences or preprint servers too

Jaap Denissen

Professor at Utrecht University

It used to be challenging and time-consuming to identify the right experts for collaboration - until I started using GlobalCampus!


Roos Overdevest

Knowledge and Innovation at Brain Foundation Netherlands

Global Campus makes finding reviewers for our subsidy calls much less frustrating and more time efficient!


Zoe Wood

Head of Product and Strategy at ResearchConnect

The passion of the Global Campus team to open science and harnessing it’s power with the latest AI innovation techniques is certainly infectious!

Jeroen Sparla

Jeroen Sparla

Managing Director at AcademicTransfer

The technology of GlobalCampus allows us to match researchers based on content, something we could only dream of two years ago.

Michiel van der Vaart

Michiel van der Vaart

Team manager Research Programs at Dutch Heart Foundation

With better matches between experts and research proposals, we experienced that researchers are more likely to accept peer review requests.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Semantic Search?

    Semantic Search uses AI models to interpret your search query. This means it can use the context and is able to find synonyms for the words that you provide. Semantic Search benefits from more context! So in contrast to what many people are familiar with, longer queries actually perform better.

  • Which data does Global Campus use?

    Global Campus primarily uses the data generously provided by OpenAlex ( In addition, Global Campus also aggregates research project information and even allows semantic search on some proprietary datasets brought by customers.


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