Especially for researchers, the deluge in new papers and new insights can be a challenge to handle. To get a grip on new developments in academia, it is important to be able to find precisely what you are looking for, quickly.

With semantic search applied to the current and large data of OpenAlex, Global Campus helps.

Did I find all relevant literature?

If you're working on a literature review, or simply identifying the state of the art, you want to make sure that you have seen the most relevant papers out there. Because Global Campus is not dependent on using the right keywords, we can also find papers from authors that use slightly different concepts or abbreviations.

For some datasets, we even enable multilingual search to identify relevant content written in a different language.

Using GlobalCampus results in significant time savings and increased research output quality.

Janpieter van der Pol (Utrecht University)

Where to submit my next article?

If you are publishing in a new field, or if you know the manuscript you are currently working on is not top-tier material, it can be helpful just to get a list of journals that have published similar work in the past. The journals button in Global Campus is built exactly for this purpose. You can even filter on the source type to identify conferences that cover the same topics, or choose which preprint server best matches your content.