GlobalCampus at Utrecht University

Utrecht University uses Global Campus for recruitment, to identify journals and to find internal experts who relate to certain policy goals.

Jaap Denissen, professor at Utrecht University at the faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences: "When operating in vibrant interdisciplinary networks, which I do as co-chair of one of the research communities of the Utrecht University strategic themes, one of the challenges was finding colleagues working on this within our own institution. With GlobalCampus, this is now easy."

A long tradition of collaboration

For the founders of GlobalCampus, Utrecht University is their alma mater. But to this day there is an ongoing collaboration between Utrecht University and Global Campus.

Global Campus contributes in kind to research and development efforts conducted at the AI-aided Knowledge Discovery Lab.


One of the projects coming out of that lab is ASreview. ASreview is a software package to speed up the process of Systematic Literature Reviews. Using Active Learning, it ranks papers of the likelihood for inclusion, asks a user to decide whether to include a paper, and they re-ranks every time a decision is made. This can save enormous amounts of time in the screening phase of literature reviews.

Together with GlobalCampus we have been able to work on new ways of using AI for the benefit of Systematic Literature Reviews.

Prof. Rens van de Schoot

Global Campus contributes in kind to the development of ASReview by sending developers to work on the software. It's a fantastic way for our developers to learn, to contibute to important open source projects, and to be close to academic work. And it's a lot of fun!

Elements of the ASReview approach find its' way back into the applications' Active Learning feature and we use the datasets on systematic reviews for validation of the algorithms.


Jaap Denissen

Professor at Utrecht University

It used to be challenging and time-consuming to identify the right experts for collaboration - until I started using GlobalCampus!