The Brain Foundation Netherlands is dedicated to doing everything possible for healthy brains for everyone. To realize our goal, we work together with scientists, healthcare professionals, lay experts, patients and the public. More than 4 million people in the Netherlands suffer from a brain disorder. Together with professionals, the Brain Foundation Netherlands is committed to researching and finding innovations that lead to treatments that cure, stop or delay brain disorders or improve the quality of life for people with a brain disorder.

To reach this goal, the Brain Foundation Netherlands funds research through subsidy calls.

Project applications that are submitted in the subsidy call are assessed by at least two external (international) content reviewers on quality, feasibility and relevance.

Thanks to Global Campus, we can now easily find researchers worldwide who are studying similar topics. This helps us to quickly identify and connect with excellent experts in the field. You could narrow down your search further by highlighting papers of significance, making the search even more specific.

Additionally, Global Campus provides an overview of the network of researchers in your targeted search, allowing you to explore connections between specific words in your search and researchers in the field.

Furthermore, it was possible to check if there was a conflict of interest through looking at the list of co-authors. Additionally, the email address of the reviewer could be searched in the application, which saved us a lot of time.

By using Global Campus we found professionals that have the right expertise to review the research applications for our subsidy calls

Roos Overdevest


Roos Overdevest

Knowledge and Innovation at Brain Foundation Netherlands

Global Campus makes finding reviewers for our subsidy calls much less frustrating and more time efficient!