GlobalCampus for Recruitment

For AcademicTransfer, GlobalCampus is employed in two distinct ways. In both cases the basis of the application is the bibliometric search for recruitment purposes.

In the first case, young researchers use GlobalCampus to find a promotor or principal investigator (PI) in The Netherlands that best matches their research proposals. In a sense, the student 'recruits' a new employer on the basis of the subject matter and publication history.

In the second scenario it is up to the professor or recruiter: based on their own publication abstract, research proposal or job description they can find their peers across the globe that are working on similar research. In a surprising number of cases, colleagues are found that are still outside of a researchers' network.

I am convinced that this application will bring a new, profound dimension into recruitment of young scientific talent as well as more senior expertise. It is terrific that thanks to our cooperation with the innovation at Global Campus, Academic Transfer is able to continue its' leading role in the field of recruitment.

Jeroen Sparla


AcademicTransfer offers a Lite version for free!

Create an account over at AcademicsConnected, and then use this link to login with that account at GlobalCampus to use the Lite version of GlobalCampus:

Jeroen Sparla

Jeroen Sparla

Managing Director at AcademicTransfer

The technology of GlobalCampus allows us to match researchers based on content, something we could only dream of two years ago.