Maria Mot is the newest member of the Global Campus team, having joined in December 2023 as a legal intern.

Maria is a Romanian citizen who relocated to the Netherlands four years ago to pursue her academic goals. She began studying global law at Tilburg University in 2020 and graduated earlier this year. She is now based in Utrecht, where she began her Master's degree in Law and Technology in September.

Maria is enthusiastic in the convergence of law, technology, and society and is keen to acquire professional experience in this area.

In my position at Global Campus, I will largely be doing analyses to guarantee that the AI system used continues to comply with GDPR requirements, as well as keeping the company's platforms and plans compliant with EU privacy legislation. First, I will perform an in-depth examination of current academic work in the field, analysing the concerns raised by other experts about the GDPR's shortcomings in regulating AI systems. Following that, I will restrict my emphasis on one of the listed concerns in order to make my own scholarly contribution to it.

It's an honour to start my career in this sector in such a wonderful setting and on such a fascinating issue, and am looking forward to assisting with any day-to-day legal questions.

Although I will only be a member of the Global Campus team for a few months, I am eager to enjoy and learn as much as possible from this experience.