Last Tuesday, August 8, Paul demonstrated Global Campus to the audience of the Tool up Tuesday initiative of Avi Staiman. It was the 4th Tool up Tuesday meeting in a program of 7, so if you are interested in learning more about AI tools for academia, you can still sign up here:

Up to now, almost 4000 researchers subscribed to the Tool up Tuesday sessions and it's still possible to apply! If you do so, you can join the sessions, but will also receive the recordings of the other sessions. Including the one about Global Campus!

I had the pleasure of attending Paul TuinenburgĀ“s presentation on one of the sessions of the recent course on AI and research. I was greatly impressed by the depth and insight shared during the presentation.

Participant Tool up Tuesday

If you are curious to learn what we discussed or are you interested in exploring our platform yourself? Please reach out to us and we are happy to discuss the opportunities for a free testaccount!