In the summer of 2023, Global Campus was in business for 6 months which seems like a good reason to apply as an innovator for the Vesalius Innovation Award. Especially since one of the potential use cases for Global Campus is in the publishing industry: finding peer reviewers. We got selected as one of the finalists and were therefore invited to pitch Global Campus in London during the STM Innovations Day.

So the 5th of December we entered the BMA House in London for the STM Innovations Day which was shaped around the topic of Artificial Intelligence. The stage for all the presentations and panel discussion was the same room as the ‘market place’ where all the innovative companies could present themselves. Since we are a Dutch company and the 5th of December is the day of ‘Sinterklaas’ in the Netherlands we brought the much appreciated ‘kruidnoten’!


During the morning there were some talks but luckily also plenty of room to meet each other. We met with a lot of (potential) partners and customers during the coffee breaks, lunch and networking timeslots.

At 2pm the Vesalius Innovation Award program started with the 5 pitches of the finalists. Despite the many compliments we received afterwards, Global Campus didn’t win the award. However, the day was a great success for us because we met with so many great people, including the dinner in the pub with all the finalists and the Karger team.

So through this medium, thanks again to the jury members and the Karger team for hosting the Vesalius Innovation Award and for the opportunity to present ourselves there. It was great to immerse ourselves in the publishing world and we are looking forward to APE in Berlin this January!