Last week we had the pleasure to attend EARMA Conference in Odense, Denmark, along with more than 1500 participants from all over the world. Like last year, Impacter was one of the sponsors, sharing the booth with our friends and partners from ResearchConnect.

During the conference, we showcased not only Impacter but also Global Campus and our matchmaking offer. It was exciting to present an improved version of Global Campus and to hear how useful the matchmaking of Horizon Europe calls can be. During the 2 days, we explained how Impacter can help in writing better grant proposals and how we are incorporating LLM into the platform.

Of course, we cannot talk about the EARMA Conference without mentioning the always fun and memorable after dinner party. This year’s dinner was all vegan and focused on zero-waste (a good introduction to next year’s theme – RMA, a sustainable profession in a sustainable world). After the dinner, several attendees took the dance floor as soon as the band started playing. And what a fun party it was!

The conference programme was strongly focused on AI, and there were several talks and workshops to choose from. The silent meeting room (where attendees were listening to the talk through headphones) was an innovative and exciting twist to the conventional talks. Paul also had the chance to contribute to a panel discussion on To AI or not to AI: that is the question during which interesting perspectives were shared.

From the extensive programme and workshops to the fun dance party and friendly participants, this was truly a successful event for us.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit our booth and talk to us about Global Campus or Impacter, feel free to contact us!