This January, Global Campus was invited to present at APE in Berlin as one of the ‘Dotcoms to watch’ for 2024. The session was made up of 5-minute pitches for all seven participants, followed by a brief Q&A. At the end of the session, participants were invited to vote for the best idea, best pitch, and startup they liked to collaborate with most.

The votes showed that the people in the room were concerned with issues regarding academic integrity, such as paper milling and the use of generative AI. In the voting, many attendees indicated eagerness to collaborate with Global Campus.

Most other sessions of the conference were in some way focused around AI and its potential implications for the academic publishing industry. While there was a lot of concern for fake papers with generative AI, problematic recommendations and paper milling activity, there is also an opportunity to employ AI for productive pursuits such as enhancing connection and facilitating collaboration.

Some of the comments made by participants really chime with the approach of Global Campus. During the session on peer reviewing, one of the researchers present urged publishers to start with inviting them for peer review only for work that they are likely interested in. This is exactly what we hope to make easy!

Over the coming months, we look forward to increasing our collaboration with the publishers, universities and the other Dotcoms present at the session, as there is a lot of opportunity to use AI for good.

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